Mongolia (Part 3)

(I’m SO behind on posting….sorry!) 8/8/2016 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia   It’s interesting to watch how people interact with each other and transform after a few days of being together. I was a tad bit worried about the dynamics of the group in the beginning since we have such a large age gap (young and old), but … More Mongolia (Part 3)

Mongolia (Part 2)

8/3/2016 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia I’m sitting in my hotel room, swatting three increasingly annoying flies that somehow got into my room this morning (probably because I had the window wide open…), waiting in anticipation for our team to arrive today. Yesterday was yet another whirlwind of activity and meetings, preparing the last minute details of this … More Mongolia (Part 2)

Mongolia (Part 1)

7/30/16 LAX (Gate 148) I’m sitting here surrounded by my people (mainly adolescents glued to their iPhones) – except the only problem is that I feel like an imposter. I look like them (albeit tanner), but can’t understand half of what they’re saying or speaking (no thanks to you, Mom #totallynotbitter). A layover in Beijing … More Mongolia (Part 1)