Hey there!

I consider the world my gigantic playground.  As an incessant experience junkie, I have traveled constantly throughout my life, exploring the ocean in scuba gear (mostly freelancing as a divemaster in Malaysia), joining short-term service trips across the globe (thanks to Quiet Hour Missions!), and finding my worldwide adventures pointing me towards public health (long story).  After receiving a BS in Music at Southern Adventist University, I enrolled at Loma Linda University in Southern California, where I received my Master’s in Public Health with an emphasis in Global Health. I enjoy learning about the various facets of the vast world of public health. While I’m usually never sure where I’ll end up next, I’m excited to soak up whatever I can, wherever I am. When I’m not planning my next travel adventure (either ocean or food related…), you might find me playing the violin, an instrument I’ve known for over 20 years, performing with local music groups, or teaching someone how to play the violin.

tl;dr: The ocean is my zen, travel is my drug, music is my life, and public health is my calling.

Mosey your way on over to the different pages above and check them out!

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